Faith on the Streets by Les Isaac & Rosalind Davies

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In excess of 11,000 trained volunteers. 11 years. 280 towns. 8 countries. 100,000 pairs of flip flops. These are the numbers that are bringing about change, town by town, to the face of the UK… and more and more countries around the world. Since 2003, Street Pastors have been a fixture of the night-time high street: friendly faces and a reassuring presence, defusing tension and helping peope get home safely.

These are the Street Pastors: caring; listening; helping.

And this is the church in action- taking its faith on the streets.

Les Isaac is the founder of the Street Pastors initiative. Born in Antigua, Les was a Rastafarian involved in London’s gang scene before he became a christian. He went on to work as a church leader for over twenty years, always seeking to engage with the same hard-to-reach communities that he came from. He is the author of Street Pastors, Relevant Church, and Dreadlocks, and the director of Ascension Trust, which administrates and leads the Street Pastors movement.

Rosalind Davies is a writer and editor who has worked with Les Isaac and Ascension Trust on a variety of publications, and is the co-author of Street Pastors.