UK Vision 2030 High Quality Table Book and Free Report

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This high quality Table Book is called UK vision 2030 and comes with a free report.

The findings of UK vision 2030: a call to action were systematically collated over a two-year period through surveys, interviews, and focus groups with 233 'visionaries'. people of African and/or Caribbean heritage who operate in strategic leadership positions in British society. The purpose of the work is to provide a roadmap for leaders in the black community, policy makers, and professionals to be able to take practical steps towards addressing legacies of inequality. Our research was organised according to eight spheres of enquiry: arts, entertainment and sport; business and economy; education; family; government; health; media; and religion. 

Our vision is to see a United Kingdom in which people of African and Caribbean heritage succeed in every way and in every sphere of life, driven and marked by:

- Equality of access, progression, and achievement

- Proportionate representation and participation

- Proportionate financial and political influence

As well as these individual actions, UK vision 2030 is a call for unity. It's also a call for the black community in it's many guises to be proud of it's history and heritage and to build it's own institutions, structures and platforms to allow it's unique and diverse culture to thrive.